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Changes to LYS classes

EVLI Hangö Regattan – EVLI Hangonregattan – The EVLI Hanko Regatta Förändring till seglingsföreskrifterna, bana A, LYS-klasserna Muutos purjehdusohjeisiin, rata A, LYS-luokat Changes to the sailing instructions, course A, LYS-classes Ny klass-indelning Uusi luokka-jako New class division: Lys 1 > 1.28 Lys 2 <= 1.28 >= 1.17 Lys 3 < 1.17 Race Committee, 3.7.2019, hours, […]

Addition to NoR!

Addition to the EVLI Hanko Regatta Notice of Race! Entry to the regatta is also allowed through the event site on www.manage2sail.com . Register only once, either via www.hangoregattan.fi or via www.manage2sail.com. The payment instruction is unchanged.

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